Photo by Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash

I asked around thee
venus in veils

What made you?
science, air, and lovers

Who hurt you?
misery has greed and no bones

Who raised you?
kindness is king
kindness is a layer

Dress the entire world
they are naked and cold

I said what of unkind lessons?
stars fade, planets of love cave

I speak the language, I do
empty ghosts in my business, no

Venus of Milos sits in the Louvre
she is not waiting outside to be crude

Be kind
make a bold choice to be rich and divine

Written as a reminder to be kind to ourselves when others are not. Let them fly away hungry while your energy remains clean, divine, and full.




Photo by Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash

Raise me under gentle lights
show me the colors of the midnight sky

Touches of honey
candlelight dinner
a new song on the radio
let’s dance like beginners

I am scared to speak yet I watch you

Cry and laugh with me
tell me tears have no gender

Fogged forests hurt and curse
I don’t want to hear about witches
or men in stitches

Hold me with tenderness
expand my life

I am so interested in stars
with love grows a passionate astronaut
I am enough
I am unique, he, him, I am magique.

Dedicated to a young man that trusted me to document the horrific homophobic attack he went through. Dedicated to all beautiful, real men.



A champagne poem

unknown — main source: pinterest / 08

Amoureuse et Amoureux, prendre un verre

This mood calls for a spice of orange
oh, how the sunset takes over
worry not

Wavy volumed curls bounce
laughter spills from this mouth

All my friends wear August so pretty
I see rosé and blu marrying around the titties
beauty really drinks
all these women in

I am sitting across from my view
my tall freak of the bedroom
Mr. Darcy eyes of pleasure

He says I am pretty in white
pretty everywhere

I speak the same language as the moon’s glow
after 7 we meet low
me and every woman you know

Skylights and big dick offices

pour some champagne on me
big, bigger, biggest dreams