Chic Self-Gifting for Artists

Nothing more divine than us in August

La Chrysanthème
3 min readAug 20, 2022
Photo by Rohan Odhiambo on Unsplash

Welcome to a new season. The season of self-spoiling, celebrating, and god, saying yes more. If the title did not stir anything in you, maybe the universe has not served you with enough reminders to treat yourself.

Sand, sun, and buns are the summer images I receive in my emails and advertising coupons. The writer’s summer? Writing those advertisements. A friend of mine just spend her summer writing to publish her first book on Amazon. Artists work hard. We are beautiful babies. But, damn, hard-working ones.

I am writing this to instigate a little drama and palma trees inside the reader’s mind. Let’s celebrate. Somewhere around last October and March of this year many people, many creatives felt the strings of new ideas. New goals were entered into our lives that had nothing to do with the gym for once. I even moved to Belgium and entered a new dynamism. With inflation, we work ten times as hard to catch our paycheck.

A little spoiling is in order. We can’t keep producing art without consuming some for ourselves.

Self-giving is the act of me buying myself a gift. I am the one that chooses it, searches for it, judges it, and purchases it. It’s a different vibe. Some say it’s not as exciting as when someone else surprises you. So, I wrote down some ideas that hit differently. Some spark and class to remind you that you are the muse that brings successes to life.

  • Botticelli’s art book. Any of his. Any art book that entails some of his paintings. Art is FUEL, ENERGY. Specifically documented books with quality pictures of the paintings. Those books are produced gently for an easy read, not so much as Wikipedia. You can find your own passion in them. Tip: Buy those where the silhouettes are naked. Let loose. Giggle a little. Even the Ph.D. art professor has had a moment or two.
  • Pink or Green Neon Eyeliner. I used to really not bother with makeup at all. But all you need is the eyeliner to make a difference. Eyeliner is not like other makeup. It is transformative. Think of you in neon green and wavy hair. Aphrodite in your 20s. You.
  • Champagne glasses. A must. It will always remind you to celebrate.
  • Satin dresses. Love me a gold metal sun dress as I walk the streets. It hugs my thighs and lifts me up. Every woman should have one. I saw some blue ones in tourists during the festival. Lovely!
  • Two big pieces of cake and ill tell you why that’s the perfect number. One is not enough to really make you understand you are celebrating. That disappointment after the one piece is gone is like a personal attack. Then, three sends you into a sugar coma and you forget the reason for celebrating. Two is perfect. You are an Italian doll eating a fat cheesecake in a coffee shop in front of the Colosseum. Send me a kiss.
  • Butterfly golden necklace. I absolutely love mine. I got it after finishing two scripts. I feel successful. Not because of money, (we are far away from there, Dorothy) but because of my abilities. Me finishing deadlines. Me being in control of my skills.

Final Notes

Self-gifting is not pushed enough. Hesitation and guilt are so heavy. Then producing art is also heavy. Do you know what’s light? A sun dress, made of silk. Thrift store corner of the 15$ collection. It’s important to celebrate in order to be focused. Focused on the grand art piece; us.



La Chrysanthème

Mon dieu. She is a sensitive writer that listens to classical music and sends angry letters.