Kindness in Aphrodite Births Stars


Photo by Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash

I asked around thee
venus in veils

What made you?
science, air, and lovers

Who hurt you?
misery has greed and no bones

Who raised you?
kindness is king
kindness is a layer

Dress the entire world
they are naked and cold

I said what of unkind lessons?
stars fade, planets of love cave

I speak the language, I do
empty ghosts in my business, no

Venus of Milos sits in the Louvre
she is not waiting outside to be crude

Be kind
make a bold choice to be rich and divine

Written as a reminder to be kind to ourselves when others are not. Let them fly away hungry while your energy remains clean, divine, and full.



La Chrysanthème

Mon dieu. She is a sensitive writer that listens to classical music and sends angry letters.