Pressure is a red flag, go for red cherries

Photo by Thimo van Leeuwen on Unsplash

It is Sunday. 2.30 pm and nature is ever giving. I have shut the blinds to keep from getting overheated by the weather in Greece. This hour is the silent hour. Birds are dancing but people are resting. Closed mouths and light snoring.

I know the couple living next to us is enjoying an easy day while the kids stay at their grandma’s and I know my neighbor who lives behind our building will pick up cherries from his yard in the afternoon. The speed of life is pretty normal. When you pause and come back to it.

Of course all these little pieces of a small happy society are happening after silent, restful hour. Truth, deep truth is it is not over yet, and it has not began. It is the normal flow.

Every now and then I catch myself coming back to the normal, livable, healthy flow of all things. Oh, I wish I was living by it. But, you know, my mean acquaintances, anxiety, fast living, pressure. I am a car in traffic. I add flowers in the port baggage when I can but I am still a car. A vehicle that has different speeds, not a pace in its settings.

I don’t think life has me by the leash. Life is too full and rich to want anything bad for us, soulful creatures. It’s the habit that my brain has caught. I move very fast. My ideas come to me like lightnings and I try to collect them all in a jar. My thoughts scramble when I get some new information. My little to do list is forgotten when I have to catch up to what is actually happening outside of it.

Spontaneous, sexy, little thing? Oh, yes I am.
Anxious, easily distracted, enthusiastic little fairy? Oh, yes I am.

But. . . every now and then. I yell stop, loud enough to stop the train before it leaves the station.

And I am back to being healthy. I live the moment. Tasks? I will do two or three, like it should be. Then I will laugh with my mom while baking and it will be the best part of the week. I will spend my day at the beach. I will remain kind to myself. And by doing it I am practicing without realizing.

What am I here for? To rest, to eat well, to socialize and to love. All else is just… extra.



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La Chrysanthème

La Chrysanthème

Sensitive energy requires kindness and art. For the muses of this world.